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stretching my creative horizons

Photographer / Digital Artist / Videographer / Web Developer / Musician / Author

Dan Roitner

I am a multimedia artist, who has a creative interest in many areas. Photography, video, sound, music,  website and book publishing.

I am delighted to be able to add my artistic images on this site for all to enjoy and some to purchase.

Not one to stick to any single style, I have many, as every image tends to have its own particular treatment.

Still, I do favour certain styles and will group them in the collections.

I was a Professional Photographer for 20 years until digital killed film and many of my corporate assignments vanished. I evolved into other disciplines and am now semi-retired, I look forward to pursuing the love of creating unique beautiful images again.

My black & white darkroom has now been superseded by digital photo editing on the computer. I am really enjoying stretching the limits of the electronic darkroom.

I have lived in Toronto, Canada all my life. Yet also enjoy travelling across Canada,  USA,  Europe and beyond, collecting pictures to share with friends and all who can appreciate it.

I just relaunched this site in November 2019; a rebirth into the arts again. Give me a little time to fill the site with photos and a few articles in my Journal.

keep smil’n – Dan Roitner

PS – I would also like to recommend visiting my father’s gallery at Roitner Gallery.com to view what he painted. I admired what he had done as I grew up and went on to pursue a different medium, yet still as a visual communicator in the arts.

various looks looks of Dan
My many perspectives
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